Friday, January 7, 2011

Machine Quilting for Ladybug

I started machine quilting Ladybug's quilt this week. This is the first time that I have quilted anything this size on my home machine (my previous lap quilt was quilted on a family friend's long arm, and I don't know that rag quilts really count as quilting - at least not in this sense) and this is the first time that I have quilted anything on my new machine so there is a bit of a learning curve. So far I have managed to have only a few puckers and just a little bit of bunching so we will see how things look after I am finished. I am hoping that when I wash and dry this quilt the crinkle effect will hide any, shall we say imperfections. (I am wondering if this crinkles/bunching were because I didn't have things laid out quite right when I was basting??)

I am doing simple straight line quilting using my walking foot for the majority of the quilt and I am stippling in the large side boarders. So far I think its coming along nicely. I haven't had as much time to work on it the last few days but I am hoping to have the quilting part finished early next week and then I can bind it (my least favourite part of making anything quilted) and put it into use.

Do you have any machine quilting tips or tricks for avoiding bunching? Any suggestions? Please leave a comment because I would love to hear from you and your tips would be much appreciated!


  1. No idea on the tips and tricks for quilting from me, but I just wanted to say that I LOVE the fabric for the quilt!! It looks great :)

  2. It is fun quilting on the home machine -- just recruit a friend to help hold, so the weight of the quilt doesn't pull. Also, take your time and don't worry about the "imperfections" - it is what makes it handmade.

  3. Thanks Steph, I can't wait to show you in person.

    Angie, thank you so much for the tips - and you are right about those "imperfections" I needed that reminder.


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