Thursday, January 20, 2011

Bread Bags (and warm bread to go in them)

This week seems to be about food... and I'm ok with that, especially when I can find a way to sew for my food. We love homemade bread around here (note, I said homemade, not handmade. I use a bread maker and I'm not ashamed. I am convinced that I don't have the skill for making bread by hand - although I would love it if I did) but I always struggle with how to store it. Usually we use a super large zip lock bag and it works well enough but by the end of the second day (provided that there is any bread left) the bread starts to get a little soggy and sticky - especially in the summer with the humidity.

I remembered reading this post about using vintage linen tea towels as bread bags, and just happened to have a scrap of linen the perfect size. I whipped up this bag in just a few minutes while the bread maker was doing its magic and voila here is fresh bread and a new bag to keep it that way.


What about you, do you make homemade bread? What about handmade bread? And how to YOU store your bread ? Please leave a comment - I love to hear from you.


  1. If you need Plastic Bread Bags try

    They offer a large selection and have done a great job for me.


    Sue J.

  2. Thanks for the tip Sue, I'll check them out!


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