Monday, January 10, 2011

Kids Art :: Making Books

You might be wondering why the sudden shift to all this book related content? This was primarily a creative blog - so whats with all the literature right? Well for me reading goes hand in hand with creativity. My earliest creative pursuits were making my own books, even before I could write. My favourite school project ever was in grade 1 or 2 when we spent the whole year writing books. The classroom moms made book covers for us out of recycled cereal boxes covered with wallpaper samples and then "bound" them by sewing them together. I was in heaven.

Over the weekend I thought that the girls might like to try their hands at making a few books. When they are older I will have them write the stories themselves (even if I have to do the actual writing part at first) but for now I found this great website with all sorts printable children books. These print outs make a fabulous last minute art project as there really isn't much prep at all.

When we have a little more time I would like to make the girls some books a la this post from Soulemama (these books are also a little more reminiscent of the books I made as a child).

What are your favourite kids art projects? Do you and your kids make books? If so how? Please leave a comment, I would love to hear from you!


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