Tuesday, March 30, 2010

The project that took forever (and a day)

I am embarrassed to admit how long ago I started this project. But I will tell you that it was 2009 and there were still leaves on the trees! I decided to make a quilted photo wall hanging for one of my best friends as a house warming gift. She and her boyfriend custom built their first home and moved in the end of October. I had a few challenges to say the least with this project that made it nearly impossible to have it done in time for her housewarming party. Some of it is my own fault, some was as a result of inferior materials and some issues were probably just because this was one of those projects.

Regardless of the issues that I had with this project I still had so much fun making it because the intended recipients are so close to my heart. Sometimes handmade projects take a little longer than expected (in this case 5 months longer) but its the fact that so much love goes into them that makes them special.

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Friday, March 19, 2010

Tea for Tutu

I have been busy finishing up on some gifts for my nieces and at the same time getting ready for the launch of the Sweet Pea Tutu over at beebee buttercup.

Luckily for me my nieces loved thier new tutus and had no problem posing for a few pictures. My own little Sweet Pea had to get in on the action as well! Ah... little girls are so sweet aren't they?

I had about as much fun as the girls did taking pictures as they danced around to the "Nutcracker Suite" as hummed by my sister in law. It is such a rare treat that we are all together (they live 6 hours away, and my poor Sweet Pea can't make it 30 minutes in the car - with gravol or any other homeopathic remedy out there - without being sick in the car)... so when we are we make the most of it, heace the dance performance on the deck, the late nights talking, the chaotic swimming at the local pool and shopping trips, and the walks that go on for just a little longer.

Monday, March 8, 2010

Free Childbirth Resources

I know that I usually limit my ramblings on this little blog to crafty bits and topics related to how my family spends our days, but I really want to share these videos with you. I am a huge fan of free resources for education about natural childbirth and natural parenting and really love these videos. They are 6 short videos put out there by Mother's Advocate and Lamaze International. In no way do these videos replace the need for a quality childbirth education series or prenatal care from a qualified health care practitioner but they are an excellent resource and compliment prenatal education.

Check out the Mother's Advocate Videos for Better Birth here

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What do you think about them? Please leave a comment - I would love to hear from you!

Saturday, March 6, 2010

For the Birds

We have been waiting for spring around here, really, really hoping for it. We are getting out when we can and loving the sun! Sweet Pea is still afraid to walk on the "crunchy snow" and I just laugh and try to encourage her to go just one step further into it than yesterday. The fields behind our home are still covered in snow, and at night our windows are bright with the headlights of the snowmobilers enjoying a late night ride, but the animals are slowly but surely starting to show their faces around here again.

Today Poppy gifted the girls a new bird house that he spent the last few days building. They squeal whenever they see a bird (or squirrel... mostly squirrels) from the window where they are perched watching.

I love to see their excitement and anticipation in their eyes as they sit (quietly... ah sweet quiet) and wait for a new friend to come visit.

Isn't it so nice to spend time watching the birds instead of watching the tv?

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