Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Work in Progress Week(s)

Over the last few years I have accumulated a lot of unfinished projects. Some are half done and some are just piles of fabric waiting for me to start in on them. These works-in-progress have literally started to take over my sewing room. There is no more room on my cutting table, or in my drawers for anything else, so I am giving myself a challenge. Over the next few weeks I will tackle these works in progress and make some room!

I am about to show you some pictures, and I warn you it is kind of scary. Actually I'm a little embarrassed to share it in this space, it feels a little like revealing a part of my life that only my husband and children should see. But sometimes public humiliation can be humbling and encouraging... so here it goes.

This is currently my work in progress table... I know.. its pretty bad. See all that Warm n' Natural quilt batting under it? That is the stuff I got for 66% off during that boxing week sale.
 First up is this table runner. I purchased the fabric ages ago... so long ago in fact that it used to match my home decor... now it really, really does not so when its finished it is going to my mom who upon seeing the fabric alluded to the fact that I should be making it for her!

And next after that is this pile of nursing covers for beebee buttercup. They were cut and 3/4 of the way sewn back in December... and then we got the stomach flu over and over again, so they sat... and sat.

Care to join in on my work in progress challenge? Leave a comment here with what you will be working on, or post a link to your own blog post about your works in progress... maybe we could encourage each other!


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