Thursday, July 2, 2009

Birthday boy blues

We missed a birthday party on the weekend. A very important birthday - a 4th birthday! The last birthday before this little boy starts school. So we absolutely had to give him a gift to commemorate this special age. So only a blue backpack with hot wheel cars inside would do. I was going to make a string backpack but then I happened upon these fabulous cotton canvas backpacks made with sustainably harvested organic cotton ! And the best part is that they were on clearance and super affordable. So I bought up every last one (which was about 7). I wished I could have gotten more considering I have about 10 birthday parties for kiddies under 6 in the next year. But oh well, I'm happy with what I've got!

To make it a little more special I embroidered his initials on the front of the bag. How lucky is it that I had thread that matched the binding perfectly? It was just meant to be!

**Edited to Add: These backbacks were actually made with natural cotton canvas and non-toxic dies. I bought a sustainably harvested organic cotton tote bag the same day... and for some reason (probably due to sleep deprivation) I got myself confused while writing this post!


  1. I love the backpack. I would have snatched up the rest too. I have to know where did it come from?

  2. Sustainably harvested organic cotton!! What a find!!
    Wow, you certainly *do* have alot of birthdays coming up! : ) Good idea, my kids love their backpacks!

  3. Hey... I think there's a certain little girl starting JK this year and she needs a new backpack... *hint hint* ;)


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