Thursday, January 13, 2011

Tie On Kitchen Towels

Around here we are big fans of the hanging kitchen towel. Maybe that is because our girls are big fans of stealing the kitchen towels (not to mention the dish cloths but I think that we have covered that subject already). Sadly, I have but one hanging kitchen towel, it is a crocheted one that Nick's aunt made a few years ago and well - it looks like it has been in rotation for a few years.

See the sad looking, well used, old green towel? Vast improvement I'd say!

When I did the overhaul on the washcloth drawer, I started to think that I should probably do the same with the towel drawer and that is when I stumbled upon this tutorial by Trey and Lucy. So simple but so fabulous! Why didn't I think of that sooner? I made one up a few in no time while the girls pulled 'played' in thier rooms and am in the process of making a full collection for the kitchen, but its going to have to wait for the weekend as this is what happens when I try to work during the day!

I love to read your comments! Do you have any favourite simple tutorials you would like to share?


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