Saturday, October 17, 2009

Lemon scones, tea and quilting

I had a fabulous morning. It started out with these lemon scones that I made on Thursday (much better fresh, but still a nice way to start out a Saturday morning). Mmm... so good.

Then I popped over to a friend's house for tea and a little quilting. I recently found out that this friend (an interior designer) has a long arm quilting machine and she agreed to quilt this little quilt for me. After showing me the ropes it was all mine and I had so much fun. I have been stalling on a few other quilting projects because while I love my little Janome machine, it is just that a little machine and there is no way that I could possibly stipple anything other than a baby sized quilt on it. But now that I have access to this long arm there is no stopping me! I just wish that I thought to bring my camera. I had no idea when I went over this morning that I would be doing the quilting!

(I will post a picture of this entire quilt when I get the binding completed)

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  1. Bonnie! I am now *needing* a lemon scone!!! lol : ) You quilt, you sew, you make scones... just when are we going to have a cup of tea and some crafting together!? : ) I love the quilt! A friend with a long arm quilting machine is a very good friend to have indeed! I can't wait to see the whole quilt, have fun!!


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