Monday, October 12, 2009

Fall cleaning

Nick and I decided to take advantage of the holiday today to do some fall cleaning. I had papers (left out from when I was finishing up my course) all over my desk making it increasingly difficult to find room for sewing... so my fabric and notions were beginning to take over our bedroom. I didn't take a before picture of the fabric because honestly, it was terrifying - but this is what my ribbons looked like before I spent a half hour sorting them.

This is the 'after' shot of some of my fabric

And the 'after' shot of my ribbons. Its so beautiful, I just cannot look away!

There really is something to be said for having an organized workspace. It takes so much less time to get the materials needed for a project when you can actually see what you have, and then easily access it. I know this but I am just terrible keeping things organized. I am a great organizer, but I'm also a closet slob... I would much rather get started on the next project then clean up what I was just working on. Terrible way to be I know, but some things I'm afraid just cannot be changed! So for the next little while at least I have a lovely, organized area for my fall crafting.


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