Wednesday, July 2, 2008

My Inspiration

I have always loved to create and read. Dance, art, writing stories, designing clothes and anything where I was able to use my imagination have always been passions of mine. I just never thought of myself as creative. That is to say I never thought my creations were "any good." But then this little bean head came along and I decided that I don't care "if its good," as long as it is an expression of me. When I was sorting baby clothes for Baby C I came across 2 infant sweaters and a blanket that were knitted for Nick by his mom and grandma and that night as I snuggled down to sleep under the wedding quilt his mom made for us I realized that it is
incredibly important for me to be able to give Baby C something similar.

My husband grew up with a Mennonite background and it was his mother and aunt who sparked my curiosity (which later turned into a fascination and then love) of all things quilted. It is such an amazing art form with each quilt telling a different story. Our wedding gift was a quilt she made when Nick was young and every night when I go to bed I feel the love and care that was put into each piece. 2 years ago I started my own quilt which is still sitting in the piecing stage. First University, then working full time took most of my free time. When I became pregnant with Baby C I was so excited (for many different reasons) but one of which would be the time that I would have before she was born (and after I had finished work) to finish this quilt… Well… I couldn’t really reach the sewing machine for my belly, which made sewing nearly impossible and Baby C was itching to enter this work and came a month early – so my quilt remains in pieces.
I had made a promise to myself that I would finish it before July when we moved… now it is July but I technically have 2 weeks until the move so I do have time to finish piecing it together and meet my deadline. I need to meet this deadline because after all, when we move Baby C will need a new quilt for *her* new room wont she? You see Baby C is my inspiration and nearly everything that I do, or create, is in some way shape or form, for her.


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