Friday, July 4, 2008

For my sweet...

This is how I work, instead of sitting down at my sewing machine to finish the quilt; I ended up learning how to crochet. There is no greater incentive to finish a project than to start another right? Ugh! Last weekend I decided that I needed to learn to crochet, and that Baby C absolutely needed me to make her a stroller blanket in the middle of summer… hmmm… good planning. But how could I resist? This yarn is so yummy... it reminds me of Neapolitan ice cream and that is perfect for the summer - so yes it had to be done!

Nick’s mom and I sat down for a rather impromptu lesson on how to crochet. A week and a half later Baby C's blanket is finished and my quilt is not – but I’m not worried because we don’t move for 13 days and that is definitely enough time to finish up, and maybe start a new blanket for an upcoming baby shower. Now when will I find time to pack?


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