Thursday, July 10, 2008

Bit by the Bug

Ever since I neared completion on the first quilt I have been dreaming of the next one. I have decided to not take on such a huge project and will be making a quilt for Baby C's crib. Her new room is going to be full of butterflies and will have a bit more pink than her current room (which has zero pink). I am envisioning gauzy shears over her windows with butterflies floating on them (eventually a mock canopy over her bed... once she is in a bed and will no longer pull it down on herself!) and rich splashes of colour throughout the room. In the new house the walls are a beautiful yellow with white accents - but its just a little too dull for us.

When I saw this fabric for my mei tai I knew that I wanted her new room to have a lot of bright, funky accents (not necessarily your typical nursery for a 7 month old, but I think that we would both have a LOT of fun in there!)... but recently I came across this room and just love the brown and pink combinations. As usual Just when I had it all figured out... I guess its back to the fabric store (such a shame... really... I'm not completely excited at all!).


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