Monday, July 7, 2008


Since before Baby C was born I've been searching for the perfect baby carrier. I tried 3 carriers that I picked up at department stores (and once Baby C hit 8 pounds it felt like I was carrying a tonne of bricks), a pocket sling, and an Ergo (which is a great carrier, but it isn't that kind to the babe's short little legs). I was getting desperate and while I truly believe in and wanted to be an advocate for babywearing - I couldn't wear my daughter. I was starting to get quite discouraged and to be honest I was feeling a bit inadequate...

Well I just received my custom mei tai from Honeybunch Carriers and it is exactly what Baby C and I were waiting for! I wore her for 2 hours today and while we were out at a family BBQ she had her nap snuggled close to me. I couldn't ask for a more perfect day and think that I have finally found my solution to the babywearing question! What a beautiful way to spend her nap, I was the most elated mama at the party!


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