Monday, February 14, 2011

Happy LOVE day!

The finished product, only the 3 in the top right corner were Ladybug's, you will see why if you read on.
We are not huge Valentine's Day celebrators over here. Nick and I have always just gotten a card, and maybe a few chocolates if the cravings were there but that's it. Once, when we first moved in together, I came home from University to 2 dozen white roses (with a spotlight on them) and a candle lit home made dinner... but that was then and our current reality is that Nick is working overtime tonight and the girls and I are having a quiet day around the house.
Absolute concentration required

Our special treat for the day is sugar cookies. I baked them yesterday and today we are decorating some for eating and some to share with daddy when he gets home from his very long day at work.

We decided to put on our aprons as soon as mama realized that Ladybug was doing more eating than decorating

(Icing Disclaimer, we don't do store bought icing around here. Personally I can't stand the taste of it and my butter cream recipe is so much better. That being said yesterday I couldn't find any icing bags at the store and I also thought it would be tricky for the girls to use an icing bag so I broke down and bought them 'cookie icing' in a squeeze bag so they could decorate their cookies without any assistance... they don't like being helped!).
Proud Chef Sweetpea

This is what happens when you are 2, have the attention span of a fly and ran out of decorations!
Are you wondering about those sweet aprons? Don't worry I'll tell you soon. Stay tuned for more information and a giveaway!

What about you? What are you Valentines Day traditions? Did you blog about them? If so feel free to leave a link in the comments section!


  1. Those cookies look delicious!

    When my niece is a bit older (she's currently 15 months) I plan to do some baking with her, but I'm betting she'd eat most of the cookies before they were done!

  2. Thanks Nikki-ann, they were. The girls were thrilled with them and spoke of thier 'cooking' adventures all day!


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