Thursday, February 24, 2011

Ladybugs Quilt :: It's Finished!!!

I am so happy that Ladybug's quilt is finally finished! I absolutely love how it turned out. I used a simple Yellow Brick Road quilt pattern and fabric that I purchased almost 3 years ago, so my apologies I don't know the designer!

View from the front
I had enough of the boarder left over to piece the backing fabric and make it just a little more interesting than solid purple hearts.
A simple pieced back

I came to a bit of a stand still on this quilt when I couldn't find a single piece of fabric in my stash that worked with this quilt. Not one! Somehow when purchasing the fabric all that time ago I didn't think to purchase enough for binding... So I put it aside for a bit and got to work cleaning off my WIP table. Lo and behold I found just enough scraps from this project to make a pieced binding and I think it worked out for the best. Not only could I use up scraps but a crazy patchwork binding is much more in line with Ladybug's personality than something straight and simple.

Showing the pieced binding made up of scraps from the project


  1. Love the bright colors and just stopping by to let you know I'm following your blog on gfc now :) I'm from over on everything mom

  2. Thank you and Krystal, welcome to Hands and Home!

  3. It's beautiful Bonnie! I love the boarder! Well done xox


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