Friday, January 2, 2009

Taking a sick day

Today I'm taking a sick day. My mom is going to whisk Baby C away to her house to play for the afternoon (yeah!!) and I think that I'm going to sit in my new favourite spot in the entire house, finish reading this weeks book, do some knitting and maybe have a nap. I think I deserve it since neither Nick or I have had more than 4 hours of sleep all week and everyone in the house is sick. Baby C has developed some sort of fear of her bedroom (we think) so last night while we were entering night 5 and hour 2 of her screaming uncontrollably (after being sound asleep for an hour) we cleared everything out... all the boxes of hand me down baby clothes, all the stuffed animals, all the clutter - and miraculously she calmed down. So I guess today reorganizing her room with a minimalist approach is also on the agenda.

But this is good because one of my goals for this year is to clear out the clutter and make this house, and our lives, a lot more simple. It truly is hard (at least for me) to function with so much stuff everywhere.... I need to clear it out and that's what I'm going to do.... when I'm feeling better (and after my sick day).


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