Sunday, January 25, 2009

52 Books (sort of) :: Week 6

I really enjoyed The Runaway Quilt. I wasn't so sure about it until it got going, but it didn't take long for the story to suck me in.

Now, on Ravelry the rules clearly state that audio books are allowed... So I'm stretching things a bit this week in an effort to not only make a serious dent in my Childbirth Educator Certification course, but to preserve my sanity (because I know I can't do it all this week). This week I will be watching a 6 DVD lecture series. Its basically the CBE certification workshop but since I'm doing the course distance ed I have it on video. I think this can count as "reading" because its 12 hrs worth of lecture, notes will be taken and its not nearly as easy to stay awake watching a lecture on DVD as it is to read a book (or a good video!). So that's my rationale and I've decided that its prerogative to change the rules as I go!


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