Tuesday, July 7, 2009

We be jammin'

Despite a somewhat slow start the jam was made... all 31 jars! (The jars on the bottom shelf are the strawberry rhubarb from a few weeks ago) I hope to have this cellar filled with local, fresh from the farm fruits and veggies by the end of the growing season. But for now we are enjoying strawberries and Bob Marley.

It is a terrible picture I know but I don't have the greatest lighting in the cellar. I was hoping to take a much prettier picture of the strawberry jam on a homemade banana muffin... but I am waiting for my neighbours to come home from camping to do so (because the muffins are supposed to be for them) and they are late! Oh well... soon enough there will be warm muffins with strawberry jam in our tummies (mostly Baby C's because she eats all my food anyway).


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