Tuesday, December 9, 2008

It shouldn't be this hard

I am trying to find wool felt to make Baby C a birthday crown (pattern compliments of Soulemama's book the Creative Family) and do you think that I can find it anywhere in Guelph, or K-W? Not yet. I will be checking out the local Waldorf school's store on Thursday - I know they have wool felt I just don't know what weight it is. Either way it will be better then what I have found. I'm actually quite stoked to check out the store, I've never been there and just found out that they are a lot closer to us then I realized.

I'm beginning to run out of time, Baby C's birthday is on Monday and we had a terrible experience with a party hat on Saturday. Lets just say that she didn't get the concept and nearly ripped her little ears off while she frantically tried to remove the hat after snapping herself in the face with it.... I think her crown will be appreciated by all (and a little safer too!).


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