Thursday, December 18, 2008

Call to Action

This morning I was disturbed when I came across this link on the Bee Handmade Stuff blog. Basically it talks about a piece of US legislature that will virtually ban handmade toys in an 'effort' to make toys safer for children. I agree that there should be some bans made and some legislation passed regarding children's toys... but focus on the major companies that are putting hundreds of thousands of contaminated toys on the shelves every day! It seems ridiculous to me to be going after small companies and work at home moms who care and take pride in producing a quality, safe, non-toxic toy for themselves and their customers.

I turned to handmade toys as a result of all recalls of lead infested toys. I am not concerned at all that Baby C's Waldorf doll (made of organic sheep's wool) contains lead or other toxins, but I do fear for every other toy she has ever been given.

This is of particular concern to me, as if this legislation is passed it will only be a matter of time before this happens in Canada too.

Lets do what we can to stop this madness!

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  1. Hi Bonnie! Thanks for stopping by my blog and thanks for spreading the word. I love Waldorf dolls too, and I plan on "breaking the law" if this legislature passes.
    Your daughter is beautiful!


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