Thursday, June 4, 2009

Happy days

I have just had the most fabulous 2 days. It all started when Nick surprised me by getting off work early yesterday. Monday and Tuesday were super rough days with the girls, something I ate must have been bothering Baby S' tummy and big sister C was getting annoyed by all the crying and lack of my attention so when daddy showed up at 11am we were all thrilled. We had a wonderful afternoon playing outside and walking around the neighbourhood...

and today.... well today we had our first puke free car ride to Guelph since January! YEAH! A friend recommended Vertigoheel to us as she swears by it for her extreme motion sickness. Its a homeopathic remedy for Vertigo and I was much more keen on trying this for Baby C rather than Gravol or some other similar medication. It seems to be working for us because we haven't been able to travel more than 2km from the house without an incident and today we went 50 km round trip! I can't even express what a relief it is to be able to leave the house with the kids without having to worry about cleaning up Baby C, the car seat and anything else that gets in her way.

What a great 48 hours! I couldn't have asked for them to be any better!!!


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