Monday, June 29, 2009

52 Books :: Oy....

I am up to my eyeballs in sick, teething, sleep deprivation, and toddlers testing the limits around here. Nick just got over a bug only to pass it on to me (c'mon, twice in 1 month, not fair!), Baby C is either sick or teething on some molars and Baby S has decided that this week she must wake up every hour on the hour... this makes for one very tired mama.

As far as my 52 books project... I am just too tired to read. I have been working on a super quick read for what, 2 weeks now? Every time I sit down to read I get in about 2 pages deep and then fall asleep until one of the babies wakes me up. Its slow going for sure and I think I'm just about ready to admit defeat, throw my hands up and walk away from the challenge. But that's not how I roll - so I'll keep going but the results might be a tad embarrassing!


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