Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Knitting for Mom

My mom is my absolute best girlfriend. She tells it like it is, lets me cry on her shoulder and is always up for a midnight conversation. She is always game for a walk or a last minute shopping trip and comes through when I'm too tired to sew baby blankets but need them desprately. She She hates when I give her store bought gifts because she doesn't want us to spend money on her... she would be quite content to recieve the same coupon book from me year after year (I was big into the coupon books when I was a kid)... this year when I asked what she would like/like to do for Mother's Day she invited us over to her house for dinner (like every year) and suggested that if I needed to give her something I could knit her a dishcloth. 1 knit dishcloth. She makes me laugh. For my best girlfriend I think I could find the time to knit a dishcloth (now I just need to find the time).


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