Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Putting up

This was an exhausting weekend of preparations. Mom and I made quadruple batches of chili, chicken taco soup, shepherds pie and porcupines (meatballs with rice) for the freezer as well as a ridiculous amount of twice baked potatoes. Combined with Nick's mad barbecuing skills I think that we will be eating pretty well in the months to come. And today was all about washing baby clothes and remembering how just a year ago my own little toddler was wearing those preemie and newborn baby clothes - and swimming in them! I definitely feel a little more prepared this time around (but maybe that's because I'm not on bed rest and haven't even made a single trip to the hospital!)... but there is still some more that I want to get done before we are a family of 4.


Chicken Taco Soup

Now we will just have to see how long all this delicious food lasts... I'm getting hungry!


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