Thursday, March 5, 2009

Baby knits

The other day I cast on for a sleep sack for baby. I am so excited to start this knitting project but also a little nervous as it is my first attempt using circular needles. I first came across this pattern on Soulemama's blog and it was actually the reason that I signed up for Ravelry. Its a free pattern called Kicking Bag for Babies and it just looks so sweet. I am modifying the pattern a wee bit and I'll find out soon enough if it was a good idea or not!

At first I was disappointed thinking that I wouldn't have a chance to use this being as belly bean will be a spring baby. Then I remembered how I like to sleep with the ceiling fan on and our room can get mighty chilly leading to the obvious problem of the baby being too cold. Perfect - a reason to knit my very own kicking bag!!! Yeah!


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