Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Memory Quilt

I'm making some progress on the holiday crafting. Last week I went down to the Olde Crow Quiltery in Elora and picked out the fabric for grandma's memory quilt. I'm so excited, every other block will be a picture of her or her family. I'm not too worried about posting about it since at 89 she wont be anywhere near a computer any time soon. I have all the fabric washed and ironed and am almost half way finished cutting out the quilt blocks. Tomorrow I will be going through grandma's old photos for some "early years" shots... and hopefully she wont be too curious as to why I'm borrowing 60 year old photos.

Its hard to find time to get things done during the day (as I am working most nights of the week) between feeding Baby C stars and cheerios, playing with her farm and just being mom. But I love the chaos and wouldn't have it any other way.


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