Monday, August 11, 2008

Up yer kilt mother nature

This is just about my favourite time of year, the Highland Games. We go every year but this year was going to be extra special because it was to be Baby C's first time! BUT mother nature decided to dump rain on us all weekend, and I mean dump it. There was no chance that we could have taken Baby C out in it. At one point when I was driving on Saturday I almost had to pull over because I could barely see the road! I don't think that our little bean head could have taken it - and I wasn't about to experiment.

I didn't completely miss the games, I went to the tattoo on Friday night and saw the sights while Nick and Baby C stayed home (it was so cold!). Seven Nations were back (they haven't been for a few years) which was great and I was so stoked to see them play again! That was definitely the highlight of the weekend (at the games that is)

At least I got a chance to snap a bit of beauty in the form of my flowers!


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