Friday, September 18, 2009

my oh my

Help, my name is Bonnie and I am addicted to fabric. My last trip to the fabric store with my enabler (my mom) has made me realize that I need to get into some sort of group. This is my 3rd fabric store binge in the last month. But let me let you in on a little secret... every trip has been to take advantage of a 40-50% off sale and I didn't pay full price for anything! I think that if I keep reminding myself of this it will be ok.

Everything shown here has already been assigned a task on the sewing 'to do' list in my head. That list just keeps getting longer and longer! I only wonder how I will ever get to it - especially when our weeks were as full as this one. But that is a question I will have to ponder later because right now I am going to crawl back into bed and try to get a few more minutes of sleep. The girls both had fevers the last few days and no one in our house was getting any sleep. This can make for a slightly cranky mama especially when she is already so sleep depraved!

I will have some finished projects to share next Monday, and a few old ones that I haven't had a chance to take photos of yet. Hopefully we will get some sun this weekend!

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  1. hehe you crack me up!
    i can relate my friend ; ) I am addicted to vintage fabrics in all forms... aprons, quilts, linens *sigh* we are rural and far from shops so any new fabric is always bought when we visit with my mom. do i see a trend here!? : )


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