Thursday, September 17, 2009

Golden Dragon Style

For the first time ever I made fried rice - Golden Dragon style - (almost) on my very own, and I couldn't be happier. My friend came over to give me a crash course (ahem refresher, because my first attempt crashed) in fried rice. Big deal right? If you know me (especially if you knew me 10 years ago) you will understand why this is so exciting.

Fried rice from the Golden Dragon (my friend's family restaurant) was an absolute staple in my diet when I was dancing. On Fridays Cecilia would bring me rice to school and I would often eat rice for dinner on my dance breaks during the week. Something about those bean sprouts and peas.. mmmmm! So GOOD! And I think there will also be a Cantonese chow-mein tutorial in my future too! I am so excited and so is Nick. Baby C is not quite sure what to think about all the rice that I've been giving her as she has a hard time getting it to stay on her spoon (that happens when you turn it upside down) but she loves those peas, and I love to watch her eat them!

I guess the only downside of eating my favourite dish all the time is having Baby C take a bite and immediately hand me her fork to "hap" her load it up... oh, who am I kidding? That's not a downside, it's just cute!

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  1. that is just too cute!
    and yum this looks so good i can see why you are still dreaming of it!


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