Saturday, August 8, 2009

Irish eyes were smiling

Those big blue (Baby C) and green (Baby S) Irish eyes were smiling today at the girls first ever Highland Games! I have gone pretty much every year since I was a baby (except those few years that it poured, including last year) and really wanted to take the girls. They were so good and had so much fun. Baby S spent a good 15 minutes absolutely squealing with joy before falling asleep in the Mei Tai for a good nap - who said a 4 month old baby can't appreciate her Celtic heritage? We did a lot this morning but Baby C loved the Highland Dancing most of all and was actually kicking her feel in her stroller to the rhythm of the bagpipes, I was impressed with my 19 month old that's for sure!

Who loves bagpipes? We DO! (Especially Baby C and mama)

Baby C's very first kilt - thanks grandma!

I wasn't kidding about the happy baby - just chillin' on the grass. What do you get when your babies have a Mennonite father and a Scottish/Irish mother? McMennonites! (My dad has a pretty good sense of humour)

A quick break at the Scottish Tea Garden - Baby C wanted to know what was inside that giant tea pot!

And now these little girls are having a very long sleep!

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  1. look at that sweet smile!!! : )
    you must of had a lovely day!


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