Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Feeling good

I'm feeling pretty good today. I have had a lot of little projects sitting on the back burner that I have just been too tired to complete (or get started on!) but last night once the girls were in bed (sleeping finally!, I love when they sleep!) I sat down and finished these boo boo packs for Stephanie

And cast on for a Christmas poncho for a special little girl (but not one of my little girls).

There is another project that I am working away on but it is not yet ready to be revealed (and no Stephanie, this is not another baby announcement!) but hopefully it will be ready in the next few weeks (I'll just see how well I stick to my own deadline!)


  1. Good for you for getting in so much crafty goodness!
    Sweet fabrics! I look forward to seeing what your big reveal is : ) Have fun!

  2. Yay!! Boo boo packs!!


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