Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Shower gifts

The shower gifts are done! I finished a sling to match the nursing cover that I made last week and they are both safely in the arms of their new owners. I remember to take a picture of the sling - but not in use. Baby C my model of choice (because Baby S was in a spit-up-e mood today and I didn't want to christen the baby gift that way) was more interested in her new stroller and wouldn't pose for a picture, so alas I had to use my second choice - the front step.

I just love the fabric, I ended up having a fair chunk left, not quite enough to make anything, but enough scraps that I think I could make a pretty fabulous quilt, maybe something to match Sadie's room. The colours go perfectly with the green/brown/pink colour scheme. Hmm..... a quilt... the wheels are turning!


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