Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Can it get any easier?

So this morning I set out to de-clutter the kitchen, my life, and my purse. Yesterday I stumbled across this fabulous organizer but couldn't afford the shipping cost and customs fees to get it into the country so I decided to make my own (I often wish I had an address in the states if for nothing else but the etsy shopping and shipping!). I grabbed a simple binder and made up some lists that will make life easier. My goal is to not have random pieces of not paper floating around the house, my pockets and my purse. Inevitably they always get lost and I freak out because I have misplaced some crucial piece of information (ahem... such as my contact person at the hospital who I should have called back in December about fulfilling some course requirements. That phone call was made, but 1 1/2 months late - because I lost her phone number temporarily - and now I am scrambling to get things done before baby #2 arrives).

I am so happy to have this put together and today I will get rid of those tiny pieces of random paper!
**Edited to add: Once I started to fill my organizer I started to add all sorts of extra pages to accommodate all those little notes and pieces of paper that didn't exactly fall on my to do list or were simply too specific for a general notes page. I added a "craft project, inspiration" page, and a "recipe" page which I love for those recipes that I find that I want to try out but am not quite ready to commit to my recipe box or book. I have maybe gone a little overboard but I don't care because I am having so much fun and my counter has never been cleaner!!!


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