Friday, September 19, 2008

Stressful week and no time for stress relieving activities...

What a week, I am glad that its over! It has literally been one thing after another... the most life threatening... finding out that when my car was repaired the mechanics decided to take out my headlights (why???) and not put them back. I only realized this after I pulled onto a street last night that had no street lights... Hey - where'd the road go? Luckily mom was driving behind me and she kindly guided me to the safety of my driveway going about 40 km/hr. Woosh - dodged a bullet there!

On the way to have them fixed today Baby C got into a mad chewing fit in the back seat and choked herself to the point that she puked all over the car and was heaving so bad she couldn't breath. Ask me how fast I pulled off the road, got that 9 month old beauty out of her seat, tossed her upside down and did the Heimlich. Woosh - another bullet.

All I want to do this weekend is sit down and do some good old fashioned crafting... but I have a mommy day/play date to get ready for tomorrow and a birthday party tomorrow night. Looks like staining the deck and baking birthday cake and making icing from scratch will have to do.


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