Friday, September 26, 2008

Home is where the heart is

This will be a bittersweet weekend. I am so excited to be helping mom and dad move into their new home but also sad that my childhood home will no longer be "mine". The home I grew up in was a small, old bungalow, but it was situated on a fabulously beautiful yard. Just this spring we had a photo shoot with dad, Nick and Baby C under the crab apples trees when they were full of pink blooms - fabulous. The house itself required a lot of work from mom and dad (as an example the cinder block basement was used by the old owners to grow potatoes - seriously - so mom and dad spent the first few days literally taking truck loads of dirt out of the basement) but no matter how much they did there was always something left for them to do. So today they are the proud owners of a custom built home. They are trading the property for the home. After 21 years dad is ready to have his weekends back from yard work and spend some time playing with grandchildren. I am sad to let the old home go, but I am excited for mom and dad that they will finally have a real basement, a bathtub (mom hasn't had an actual bath for 21 years!) and a home that they can settle into and relax for the first time in their married lives!


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