Saturday, March 19, 2011

New Commenting System

Edited to add: After only 24 hours I have decided to remove Disqus. I liked the fact that I could finally leave nested comments and love the moderation/reply by email option however I was not willing to loose the ability to hyperlink to one's blog via their comment. Isn't the point of blogging to engage in a conversation? How is that possible when no one can find you (or your blog) through your comments to continue on that discussion. Back to searching for a better option!

Please be patient with me as I am trying out a new commenting system (Disqus) so that I will be able to leave replies directly under comments. I quite enjoy using blogger as a blogging system however I have been searching for the best way to reply to comments - email addresses are not always visible and if I reply to comments my reply goes directly to the bottom of the post. What I really wanted were the embedded comments that are possible with Wordpress and Typepad blogs - I hope that Disquis is the answer!

After adding Disquis I noticed comments left on the blogger commenting platform are no longer visible (I can still see them but you cannot). Please don't think that I removed your comments! I read each and every comment and it makes my day when you have something to say about my posts! I'm going to try this out for about a week or so to see how it works out.

Please, please, please feel free to leave me feedback on the Disquis commenting system. I want to know how easy it is to use and if it makes commenting and finding replies to your comments easier. I am hoping that this will help to facilitate more discussion on the Hands and Home blog!

Do you have a blogger account? If so what do you use for your comments?


  1. I did the same thing - I added Disquis to my blog and later that same day, I removed it. I loved that I could reply to each comment right under the comment but I didn't like that you couldn't tell if there were comments. I am just staying with blogger's comment system for the time being.

  2. @Kristin

    I think that its a good start but its really not that much better than blogger's commenting platform because of the things taht Disqus is missing.

  3. Disqus does allow for hyper-linking your URL (you just have to click the option.

    you might want to look at Intense Debate ( - its similar to Disqus.


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