Friday, February 26, 2010

Need a snack?

Did you guess right?

We do a lot of snacking over here... I mean a lot. If the girls don't have a piece of fruit, goldfish cracker or something else "yummy" in their hands they are asking for something. Like a lot of moms when I go out I go armed with snacks. Tupperware just doesn't fit in my diaper bag along side cloth diapers and I hate to use and then throw out plastic zipper bags.

I have been wanting to make the girls some fabric snack bags for quite some time but my project wish list just seems so long some days. But yesterday I sat down and did it (my house is a completely disaster as a result but I'm ok with that). This is the first snack saver that I made - it measures aprox 5 x 6.5" and is the perfect size for Sweet Pea to hold and fill with her crackers. Although I can see this as also being her new treasure bag, crayon carrying case, or place to hid mamas stuff. Ahem... like my memory card for my camera. I really love that the RipStop Nylon is waterproof making this perfect for carrots or fruit pieces (or Amish frienship bread... yum!), and the even she can open and close the Velcro.
Tomorrow I will be making a larger size for bread - it really is hard to find any sort of container for homemade bread sandwiches which tend to be larger than those made on wonder bread - and a smaller size for Lady Bug's snacks. Despite the fact that she thinks she is 2, she really is just 11 months old and would probably benefit from having something a little smaller to hold on to.

They are available for sale in my shop

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  1. They are wonderful Bonnie, I look forward to checking in with your shop and also to read your archived friendship cake! xo


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