Monday, November 9, 2009

For Your Cuppa

I was raised to be a tea drinker. It was not just a Saturday morning thing, or a after dinner thing. Tea in our house was an all-the-time kind of thing. We used to tease my mom when she went out and ordered/accepted a cup of tea that if it wasn't served in a bowl it wouldn't be big enough. Then one day I looked down and realized that my cuppa was looking a little more like a bowl than a cup.
What I'm saying here is that I love my tea. I do not however love it when I go out and cannot get exactly the cup of tea that I'm in the mood for. Maybe I'm in the mood for organic chamomile, or a yummy spiced tea. I'm kind of a picky person and my mood reflects in my choice of tea. And so....
The tea tote was born! It holds 16 tea bags and folds up all cute and tiny for my purse of diaper bag. I am loving the Vintage Cherries fabric from the Farmers Market collection (and the aqua dots at the bottom is the print from Michael Miller that is finding its way into most of the things that I complete these days). These will make their way into quite a few hands for Christmas presents this year and they are also available in my shop


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