Saturday, November 28, 2009

Where I've been

I haven't been in this space much the last few weeks. This is where I have been

Getting close with my girls (photo credit SC Photography)

Sewing (always sewing)

Baking with Grandma (yummo!). I can finally bake her famous applie pie!

Teaching Sweet Pea and Baby S how fun a laundry basket can be!


  1. Hey there from Alaska! I am LOVING your blog! Beautiful photos and inspiration!
    I’ve been discovering a lot of new (to me) blogs and it’s been wonderful to find so many like minded people!
    Feel free to drop by my blog as well. I’ve been enjoying posting more prolifically lately- Advent/holiday gift ideas, recipes, insights and tutorials.
    Off I go to peruse more of your blog-Happy holidays!


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