Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Next up on the "TO READ" list

If you have followed my blog at all you have probably noticed that I cannot go very long without writing about the latest book on my bookshelf, or on my "to read" list. You have probably also noticed that I am naturally drawn to books about natural childbirth and parenting. Well, Elizabeth Pantley has a new book coming out: The No Cry Separation Anxiety Solution. It will be a welcome addition to the "No Cry... Solution" series and I am particularly excited about it mostly because I am going through some major separation anxiety issues with my little Ladybug. At just 12 months it is positively earth shattering when I dare to leave the room without her, do anything that doesn't directly involve her, or have the audacity to ask someone to hold her for just a second while I... (insert action here). I don't (usually) begrudge her this because I know that soon enough she will not need, let alone want, me to be with her 24/7 - but for now I would love to make it a little easier on the both of us.

A little about the book from the author:


Does it break your heart to leave your crying child at daycare, school, or with a babysitter? Do you worry and wonder how to help?

Nearly all children experience separation anxiety-it's natural-but finding a solution can be frustrating. That's why Elizabeth Pantley, author of the bestselling No-Cry series-developed gentle, effective solutions for every separation situation. Whether your child is a baby, toddler or first grader, these tried and true techniques will help them to:

* Say goodbye at the door - with a smile and a wave-and no more tears.
* Conquer anxiety at daycare, school, parties, trips, and play-dates.
* Go to sleep peacefully-and stay in bed - at naptime and bedtime.
* Feel comfortable with caregivers, babysitters, and new people.
* Explore new places with joy and confidence."


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